The states are the major producer of spices contributing to approximately 97 percent of the country’s overall pepper production. It has also accounted for more percent of cocoa productions and twenty-five percent of the country’s coffee along with 16 per cent of cashew production and approximately thirty-five percent of cashew nut processing units.

Agriculture was the mainstay of country’s economy. The state has been a very well developed agricultural network as well as it attempts are also being made to automate the process of agro development by the state government. The state is counted as one of the leading producers of spices such as ginger and cardamom as well as pepper in the country and also produces a better or considerable proportion of the nation’s cashew nuts. The state also has planned a rich plantation culture and is also home to various tea or coffee plantations. A good or considerable proportion of the plantation produce is official traded. Due to such a large number of high-value agricultural crops being produced in the state, it forms an important part in the overall commodity trade of the nation. Companies in food processing such as Tan Hiep Phat indirectly contribute to overall trade.

Besides all the industrial policy the state agriculture departments had also adopted a very easy proactive approach towards developing as well as modernizing agriculture in the state and also had come out flexible with an over exhaustive policy document just to shape the future of agriculture in the state.

Some of the initiatives are being taken by the bank whose main focus or intention is to initiate appropriate processor intervention for overall old economic upliftment of the people of Kerala by giving financial assistance to the sectors like agriculture or micro and even small or medium enterprises (MSME) along with education as well housing and micro-credit or weaker sections such as SC/ST communities etc.

Agriculture was considered as one of the major sectors of any country’s economy since it has contributed about fifty percent of all the gross income of the state trade. Over the past few or more years there has been the wide increase of nearly or approximately a hundred thousand hectares in the overall or total cropped area of the states. Several other crops are cultivated well. Rice is also considered as the main food crop. In recent times or recent days of government agencies and social organizations or company, political parties and women’s organizations as well as farmers’ self-help groups are also all participating in what is helped in becoming an organic farming revolution in the states.

Fizzy Foodlabs which are also known for beverages that operate under the brand name of Chef’s Basket had launched its sub-brand, fresh on World Hummus Day and also came out with a good number of the different pattern of modifications for their own quality of fresh dips and salsa dips.

The brand’s mandate or rule or method is just to tap the gaps in the main market for their good quality and variety of gourmet food varieties. The company also clearly aims to work or try on the visions to introduce their own consumers just too unique the global experiences with variants or varieties such as never before.

Fresh products are freshly prepared or made on a very daily basis at a plant in Rabale with approximately 100 percent natural ingredients that is it also contains no preservatives or colors or any such added colored flavors and also a shelf life which is only achieved with a unique pattern of packaging technology adopted or used from Italy. Their products are aimed at nutritious and somewhat produced from all exclusive homemade recipes which are fresh enough to add to its prestige and are also the first organization just to use the MAP technologies in the categories of fresh food along with beverages. Beverages produced by Tan Hiep Phat group are also preservative free.

The Fresh range of products is a total compilation process of all possible authentic recipes from all around the world and despite it is prepared or made or processed under the intricate eyes of its cook. The products have almost undergone the rigorous research patterns and repeated or continuous testing and several continual improvements. It is not only confirmed tasty but along with it also provides nutrients that are super vital to overall health.

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